Alfa dental unit ALFA: ergonomic and efficient.

Perfect ergonomics for patient and operator

Italian Quality and Design

Immediate access to instruments

Riunito ALFA

Ergonomic and performant

Ergonomic and Performing (and simple) design makes Alfa unit a fundamental element for dentist work, flexible to every dentist needs.


Modular instrument table (up to 5 instruments), with instrument weight proportional balancing (sprido version). SPRIDO whip arm system allows instant access to instruments. Work is less tiring and can proceed smoothly, making patient feel at ease and secure in any case.

With a membrane keyboard for: chair movement, on and off operating light, glass and bowl filling water timer, micromotor speed display, instruments Anti Retraction Valve / Chip Blower device.

Detachable and autoclavable silicone instrument supports.


Ceramic rotating bowl, autoclavable and removable water dispensers for bowl and glass.

Ready for wet or liquid suction ring, centralized suction valve (optional).


Assistant table with 4 slots, 2 for surgical suction cannulas and 2 for additional instruments, eg. syringe, curing light.

With a membrane keyboard for chair movement, glass and bowl filling water timer.


On all IDEM dental units an (optional)  Neovo Monitor can be installed, using a fixed arm monitor holder.

Fixed arm monitor holders are designed for wall or column installing, using  jaws, clamps and other fastenings.

Easy to install, thanks to completely integrated wiring inside the arm. Arm max load 6.5 kg.

Neovo TFT LCD monitor with Video-In White has an excellent screen quality and is complete with a hard glass protection (NeoV Optical GlassTM) allowing easy disinfection.

Maximum Resolution 1280 x 1024 SXGA
Pixel Pitch 0.264mm
Brightness 300cd / m2 (Typical)
Contrast Ratio 500: 1 (Typical)


Instruments speed or power Start-Stop & control Spray and chip air. Start-Stop.
For Prima and Techno chairs,  pushbuttons activating the chair movements and zero position.

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