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IDEM – The Company

IDEM was founded in 1966 by Emilio Maverna specializing right away in dental units production.

High innovation and quality, careful compliance with ergonomic criteria and total reliability are the cornerstones of a strategy that in last 30 years. has made IDEM a landmark in dental units field worldwide

All IDEM products are designed, manufactured and thoroughly tested in New IDEM  factory in Gessate (Milan – Italy).

Innovation from IDEM

IDEM created Colibri, the first dental unit with passive recovery instrument arms, and the first in Europe using instruments pneumatic selection.

Quality Certifications

A refined technology, strictly complying with  fully tested reliability requirements, as always in IDEM design tradition, and in addition complying with enforcing requirements of EU Regulation 2017/745 and company’s Quality Management System ( ISO 13485:2016). With the elegance and originality of IDEM style.

Materials top quality

Customer Satisfaction comes mainly from product quality: New Idem focuses most of its resources on this aim. We carefully analyze customer requirements and always choose best application-oriented  materials.
A careful selection and evaluation of suppliers, together with a continuous supplies monitoring, ensures high quality level of final products.

Reliability and durability

A stringent inspections, controls and tests schedule, throughout production process, ensures that final products fully comply expected specifications.

Continuous  education and training of all employees guarantee durable quality standards. Mechanical characteristics of all supplied materials are tested by New IDEM laboratory and, at Customer’s request, a  corresponding Test Certificate can be issued, ensuring compliance with enforcing laws and norms.

New Idem S.r.l.
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