Dental unit MAVI: its strength is simplicity.

Perfect ergonomics for patient and operator

Italian Quality and Design

Immediate access to instruments


Quick and easy handling: the headrest can be ideally positioned manually within seconds.


Thanks to the pivot arm system, the instruments are very well balanced and are light as a feather to hold.


The assistant element is clearly laid out and extremely robust and less susceptible to wear thanks to its highly flexible suction tubing.


The instrument arm moves freely for easy instrument positioning.


The soft upholstery adapts to the body: perfect comfort with no pressure points even over prolonged periods.


Dishwasher-safe: The cuspidor bowl made of high-quality ceramic is easy to remove for cleaning.

Analogic Version

Digital Version

Cart Version

It makes you feel good

Dentists and patients, MAVI design took care of both. Instruments selection and layout, and chair ergonomics are suitable. MAVI makes you feel good – even after prolonged treatment time.

Perfect ergonomics

Dental unit MAVI is ergonomically designed thinking of the patient, and even the dentist and assistant.
The perfectly shaped chair is upholstered to fit the body – no pressure points even during extended stay periods. Patient positioning is easy to adjust and instrument layout is perfectly designed.

SPRIDO whip arm system

SPRIDO whip arm system allows instant access to instruments. Work is less tiring and can proceed smoothly, making patient feel at ease and secure in any case

Top quality at an unbeatable price

All factory installed instruments are of renowned manufacturers, synonym of quality excellence. Not only cheap, they guarantee tireless working conditions, low maintenance and low repair costs.

Four year garantee: including annual maintenance with replacement of all suction tubing during the warranty period.

Digital Instrument drive

Soft upholstery: quality and appearance in harmony.

LED OP- Lamp from Faro: a proven quality product with a high level of luminosity.

Instrument drive with NSK quality motors: precise, durable, dependable.

Cuspidor made of high-quality porcelain; sophisticated design, practical, dishwasher-safe.

The assistant element is clearly laid out and extremely robust and less susceptible to wear thanks to its highly flexible suction tubing.

Choose the color of your MAVI

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